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ASUR announces mock air crash for Cancun International

Cancun, Q.R. — Authorities at the Cancun International Airport say they will be holding a mock aircraft accident that will involve more than 300 people to practice their emergency plan.

Officials from the Aeropuertos del Sureste who operate the Cancun airport say they will carry out a real-scale aircraft accident at the airport December 7, however, people are not to take it as a real crash, adding that airport operations will continue as normal during the simulation.

“The airport will continue to operate normally for all the arrival and departure operations of the day, without any effect on passengers. The warning is intended not to cause alarm among the population due to the unusual movement of emergency vehicles,” they explained in a statement from Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR).

ASUR says that the reason behind the simulation is to put their emergency plan into practice and verify its effectiveness.

The simulation will recreate an aircraft accident upon landing, which will involve the plane’s passengers and crew members as well as airline workers from the Cancun airport. The mock crash will also involve firefighters and paramedics from the Rescue and Firefighting Corps.

The crash will also include the participation of the different civil and military branches of the Federal, state and municipal government such as International Health, Civil Protection, Red Cross and 911.

Officials at ASUR ask the general population not to become victims of rumors or false news that may arise from their simulation exercise. The airport will hold its mock aircrash Friday, December 7 at the Cancun International Airport.