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Arrest warrant issued for ex-Borge worker Mario Castro Basto

Cancun, Q.R. — An arrest warrant has been issued for Mario Alberto Castro Basto, the state deputy of Diconsa during the administration of Governor Roberto Borge Angulo (2011-2016).

The warrant was issued by the fourth judge of the district for the mismanagement of products including allowing tons of food products meant for rural communities to spoil due to mismanagement.

He is also alleged to have purchased overstock of up to 40 million peso in exchange for an alleged charge of 10% commission to suppliers.

Diconsa is a federal project that operates the Rural Supply Program, a program that supplies rural regions with basic and complementary products at accessible prices. These products include food.

Attempts for his detention have been ongoing since March 2017, however, the former PRI leader has attempted to use Amparos to prevent his going to jail. In December, a judge rendered his Amparo null and void.

Since March 2017, the Internal Control Body has been conducting an investigation for alleged administrative irregularities to which he has been linked.