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Armored vehicle heading for Puerto Morelos attacked on highway

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — An armored vehicle carrying cash was attacked on a section of the Cancun-Puerto Morelos highway Monday afternoon leaving at least one injured.

Emergency personnel responded to several calls of gun shots being fired at an armored vehicle that was headed for Puerto Morelos. The shooting was reported near Moon Palace around 1:40 p.m. Monday.

One wounded man, who appeared to have a leg injury, was videoed by motorists climbing into a white jeep which then sped away. There was no information on who the man was.

Police said that the shooting was an attempted assault on an armored car that was headed to Puerto Morelos. They said that assailants intercepted the vehicle on the federal highway, got out of the vehicle and started firing. Since the windows were bulletproof, they did not shatter, however, they did suffer damage.

Police cordoned off the right lane in the direction toward Puerto Morelos causing traffic congestion. More than a dozen shell casings were lifted from the area.

This is the second attack on armored guards in less than a week. On October 27, two armored guards were shot and killed in a Playa del Carmen plaza while refilling a Scotiabank ATM.