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Armed men rob Cancun food truck, leave drivers on highway

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men driving a food delivery truck along the Cancun-Merida highway were robbed by armed men and left hog-tied along the highway.

The Federal police received a robbery call at the junction of López Portillo Avenue and the Auto Gas road outside Cancun. The two truck drivers said they were hauling fresh food meant for sale that day. Their load was valued at 115,000 peso.

The two employees said that two armed men stopped them at the intersection and threatened them at gunpoint. They took over the truck, tying the men and driving them to a roadside where they were dumped and left.

Federal police were able to locate the stolen food truck. They found the refrigerated truck with its box emptied about 450 meters away from where they dumped the two truck drivers. There have not been any arrests.