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Archaeological site project waits for INAH approval

Tulum, Q.R. – Road work for the Tulum archaeological site has been put on hold while project adjustments are made.

Carlos Efrain Yama Moguel, director of Public Works says that work has stopped on the access road to the historical site due to adjustment requests by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Work on the road has been halted for a month and a half as workers wait for INAH approval to continue.

“We have worked at the second stage of construction of the access road to the archaeological zone. That work, as you see, is now suspended. We have not resumed because we were asked to modify it by INAH,” explained Yama Moguel.

With work stopped in mid-completion, visitors to the site are at a disadvantage, having to step around the unfinished project. “We have to get the documentation that authorizes the changes, and with that we can finish the work and thus create as little damage as possible to the tourists and renters.”