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Apple estimates July for watch delivery dates

Last updated on March 6, 2018

Since launching its watch in April, Apple failed to anticipate filling potential high consumer demand as well as possible technical glitches.

Ordering an Apple watch online now means a delivery date of July.

The company continues to experience setbacks with stock-related problems as customer shipping dates have gone from May to June and now into the month of July.

The watches that did make it to select retail shelves back in April sold out in minutes leaving consumers no choice but to order online. The company says that that the April launch was for online only, and that there would not be any watches available in retail stores until after the month of May. With continual setbacks, even that might change.

The size affected the most by the extended delivery delays is the larger 42 mm model, including both Apple Watch Sport and Apple’s classic watch version. The high-end edition, which starts at $10,000 and can go as high as $17,000, still has a delivery date of June.

To make matters slightly messier, Apply reveals a few major issues with critical Apple watch components, such as its heart rate monitor and tattoos, but is working them out. In the meantime, customers not wanting to wait until July can buy an Apple watch from online resellers via significantly higher prices.


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