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Anti-sargasso fence company wants payment, city wants work log

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The administration of the city of Playa del Carmen continues to review the contract made with the anti-sargasso fence company who says they are owed nearly five million peso.

In a press conference, René Arturo Medrano Ríos Domenzain, general director of Legal Affairs, explained that the administration of Cristina Torres Gómez made a contract with Dakatso, the company who provided an anti-sargasso fence with resources from the Environmental Sanitation Right Trust, which expired September 29.

In October, they were contacted by Dakatso who said they have only received 60 percent of owed monies and that the remaining 40 percent is outstanding. Ríos Domenzain said that during a review of the contract, the previous administration only provided a contract and invoice and no work log to verify work completed or that any work that was done, complied with environmental guidelines.

“We are not in search of a lawsuit nor are we refusing to pay, but I want to check,” noted the lawyer.

The municipal official indicated that Dakatso has already been contacted with a request to provide the information missing from the files. Once received, the report will be delivered to La Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Sermarnat) who will be the ones to verify the work.