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Another Playa del Carmen hotel tries to privatize beach

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A formal complaint has been filed against Le Reve Hotel at Xcalacoco Beach in Playa del Carmen for attempting to privatize the beach area in front of their establishment.

The complaint stems from beachgoers who say on Sunday, they were run off the beach by hotel-hired men who referred to themselves as security guards. When the couple refused to leave, the security guards called police, who came to remove them.

Municipal police arrived at the beach and also demanded that they leave or be arrested. Juan Martín Rodríguez Olvera, director general of Public Safety and Traffic, intervened and instead, had them leave the beach area.

Hugo Uribe Nicolás, Directorate of Zofemat, is following up on the complaint, but does note that there is ignorance of the laws and regulations, both of the security elements of the hotels and of some members of public security.

Any hotel or security element that asks the public to leave a beach area is in violation of Article 27 of the Constitution and the seventh regulation of Zofemat, which ensures free pass and enjoyment of beach to the general public.

The hotel is at risk of losing its concession for exploiting the Federal Maritime Zone (Zofemat).