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Another man arrested in Playa for sexual assault on public roadway

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man has been arrested in Playa del Carmen for the attempted sexual assault of a woman.

Municipal police arrested a man in the vicinity of the Bellavista Wednesday after a woman reported being attacked. According to reports, the 19-year-old woman was walking home when she was grabbed by the arm and pushed toward a green area while being verbally assaulted.

She was able to fight back and escape his grip, running to her home on 140 Avenue where she alerted neighbors and police who quickly arrived. The alleged attacker however, fled on foot, hiding in a construction warehouse.

Neighbors and police were able to corner him where police arrested him for attempted sexual assault. At the time of his arrest, another 30-year-old woman came forward and said that only moments before, the same man made obscene comments to her on the same public road as she walked home.

The detained man has been identified as a 32-year-old from Chiapas. He is the third man to be arrested this week for sexually assaulting women.

Municipal police have increased public lighting and surveillance throughout the city after acquiring 25 additional ATVs and assigning routine surveillance checks to neighborhoods around the city.

They have also worked with both public transport systems to extend several key routes so residents do not have to walk as far to get to their homes.

Earlier this month, municipal police alerted women in Playa del Carmen to the possibility of a serial rapist. That man is reportedly one of the three arrested this week.