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Another local hotel closed down for illegal building

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A citizen complaint has led to the closure of another local hotel for building without a permit.

A private complaint was recently lodged against Aldea Thai Hotel from a citizen who claimed the hotel was performing construction that involved a portion of a protected mangrove. The complaint was made with the Directorate of Urban Development who inspected the premises.

While they did find the hotel performing construction, they did not find any evidence of construction involving the nearby mangrove.

Artemio Chavez Vargas, head of the region, confirmed that the hotel’s work began without building premits.

“They made an expansion of seven apartments and terraces with swimming pools, and at the time of the visit, do not have permission because they are just in the process of getting approval,” he explained. “I checked into the mangrove complaint and right now there is no affectation, although watered material from the construction work is running along one of the banks so they need to remove it from the mangrove,” he added.

After their inspection was complete, the Department of Urban Development placed several closed seals around the hotel for lack of building permits. The Aleda Thai Hotel has applied for the permits, which were being processed, but began construction before being granted permission.

Chavez said Vargas said that, “They started building early and they must now stop work until they have those documents. We have to stop construction and clean out the mangrove in here.”

The Directorate of Urban Development is responsible for determining the penalty to be paid by the hotel. The portion of mangrove that was affected is between the Aldea Thai Hotel and the Grand Hyatt.

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