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Another hotel construction accident claims life

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A partial building collapse at the new Xcaret hotel project has left one person dead and two injured.

The accident occurred yesterday at the Experiences Xcaret megaproject during the heavy morning rains. Reports say that a large slab of concrete gave way and collapsed, killing one and injuring two others.

The large slab of concrete, which was supported by steel tensions, was 2 meters wide and between 25 and 30 meters in length. The concrete section fell when its support gave way due to a lightening strike.

Xcaret Park went to social media saying, “The accident was registered in the construction by the company Xdifica on the grounds of Hotel Xcaret Mexico.”

Orlando Muñoz Gomez director of Civil Protection confirmed that one female worker was killed when the slab of concrete fell on her, while two men were mildly injured.

A statement from the construction company Constructora Xdifica SA de CV explained that the intense electrical storm that occurred (this morning) in Playa del Carmen caused a lightning strike to hit the metal supports of the structure of a floating deck located on the side of the lobby in construction, causing its sudden collapse.

Orlando Muñoz Gomez noted that they are investigating the possibilities for the accident, one being the result of a lightening strike hitting the supports, knocking out one of the tensors. He added that they are also looking into the possibility that the tensors used by the construction company to support the large slab may not have been sufficient and/or that a collection of water may have contributed to the collapse.

Xdifica SA de CV, the company building the new hotel at Xcaret, released a statement saying, “The company, which deeply regretted the death of its worker, extends our sincerest condolences to her relatives.”

Muñoz Gomez clarified that the accident did not occur in Xcaret Park, but in the construction area of the new hotel on a different piece of land.

This is the second hotel construction accident due to bad weather in the past two weeks, with the first being at the Palladium hotel at Isla Mujeres when several workers were also injured due to falling concrete. One man also died of his injuries in that accident.