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Another Cancun pizzeria closes its doors due to repeated robberies

Cancun, Q.R. — Continued robberies and other violent offenses have caused the closure of a well-known Cancun restaurant.

Long time Italian restaurant owners of El Tigre and El Toro closed their doors on Cancun Avenue and La Costa Avenue due to a wave of assaults they have suffered in recent months.

In a public statement, the restaurant owner says that so far this year, they have been robbed once a week, which has resulted in them closing both of their Cancun restaurants.

“There is no business that can sustain a theft per week,” the statement says, “So far this year we have been assaulted and robbed once a week.”

They ask different agencies to take action in order to end the insecurity in Cancun.

“Hopefully this wills serve as a call to the relevant authorities, not only to serve as such, but to understand, at all levels, that, between insecurity, crime, corruption, and sometimes incomprehensible, arbitrary and contradictory procedures bureaucratic to which the operation of a trade is subordinated, it is exhaustingly complicated to undertake and sustain a business in this city,” the statement said.

“We would like to thank the people who accompanied us during these years, for their preference,” the statement said.

In March of last year, Pizza Del Perro Negro Cancún also closed their doors after an attack left several staff injured.

They announced a similar statement saying, “Jauría and I have made the decision to close Pizza Del Perro Negro Cancún. I hope I have left a mark on you and have sown the seed of love in your hearts. I know you will not forget my pizza and that’s why when the waters calm down and times are better to harvest, I’ll come back with new stories to write. Thanks Cancun for so much!”