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Another 35 tourism projects set for development in Quintana Roo

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor, Carlos Joaquin, says there are 35 tourism projects set for development between 2018 and 2019 for Quintana Roo that will add thousands of additional hotel rooms to the region.

“Quintana Roo consolidates as Mexico’s tourism power he says adding,”Between 2018 and 2019 in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, private investment has been detected in 35 tourism projects, which will add more than 18,000 hotel rooms to the almost 100,000 rooms that are now available.”

“The confidence of investors and tourists in Quintana Roo drives this growth, both in infrastructure and preference for the destination, which generates more and better opportunities for people with more jobs and better pay,” said Carlos Joaquin.

The president of the Caribbean Business Coordinating Council Eloy Peniche Ruiz considered that hotel growth is important, especially if it is based on planning and order to maintain the status of success that it has today.

“A hotel room generates two to three fixed jobs, which shows that the state is one of the main generators of employment nationwide. In addition, the growth will allow the recent graduates of state universities to access a job,” he explained.

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, Quintana Roo has 99,051 rooms and 1,034 hotels that maintain an annual growth rate of 8.4 percent. The state has three international airports, a network of roads, marinas, docks, golf courses and 18 archaeological zones open to the public, including Tulum, which is considered the second most visited in Mexico.

Quintana Roo annually captures 35.4 percent of international tourists and 34.1 percent of foreign currency for tourism in the country. Visitors report an average stay of 4.6 days, an occupancy return of 52 percent and a satisfaction rate of 95 percent.

“We are a leading state that attracts new investments and offers unforgettable experiences for national and foreign tourists, but above all, we offer more and better opportunities for people through the diversification of tourism,” added Carlos Joaquin.