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Anonymous complaint leads to discovery of illegal hotel fence

Cancun, Q.R. – An illegal barrier put in place by Azul Fives Hotel was reported last week to authorities.

An anonymous call was made to the Office of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) in regard to a stone barrier that was built on the beach. Zofemat officials inspected the claim and found a stone wall accented with vegetation that extended from the Azul Fives Hotel out onto the public beach area. Apparently the wall was put in place to define their concession.

The hotel was instructed to remove the barrier because it was illegal, however, after two days, they still had not removed the wall. Coral Horacio Jesus Aguilar, director of the Zofemat, says that the reason for the hotel’s slow response was not known. On Friday, an official from Profepa was sent to the site to determine environmental damage.

Finally on the evening of day three, the hotel had begun to take down the stone boundary meant to prevent public access at Xcalacoco Beach.  According to the regulations of Uso y Aprovechamiento del Mar Territorial, Vías Navegables, Playas, Zona Federal Marítimo Terrestre y Terrenos Ganados al Mar (Use and Development of the Territorial Sea, Waterways and Beaches), the violation “…are grounds for revoking the licenses or permits given for exercising activities or work not covered by the license or permit without first obtaining appropriate authorization.”

Azul Fives was reprimanded back in July when they placed a large sign next to their hotel prohibiting entry of visitors to the beach in front of their hotel. Jesus Aguilar pointed out that the beach is federal land and that according to the regulations that govern those areas, no one can regulate who enters a public beach or any areas that are considered federal property.

Azul Fives Hotel is operated by Karisma and owned by Spanish companyTM Real Estate.

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