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Andrés Manuel López Obrador sworn in as the new President of the United Mexican States

Mexico City, Mexico — In a ceremony Saturday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was sworn in as the 65th president of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos. In a message address to the nation, the new president shared many thoughts with the people.

“Deputies, senators, local and federal authorities. Guests and guests from abroad. Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, I thank you for your attention. But, above all, I recognize the fact of not having intervened, as other presidents did, in the last presidential elections.

We have already suffered this anti-democratic outrage and we value that the acting president respects the will of the people. Thank you very much, Mr. Peña Nieto.

Friends, by mandate of the people we begin today the Fourth Political Transformation of Mexico. It may seem pretentious or exaggerated, but today not only begins a new government, today begins a change of political regime.

From now on a peaceful and orderly transformation will be carried out, while profound and radical, because it will put an end to the corruption and impunity that prevented the rebirth of Mexico.

If we define in a few words the three great transformations of our history, we could summarize that the Independence struggle was fought to abolish slavery and achieve national sovereignty, in the reform for the predominance of civil power and for the restoration of the republic, and in the Revolution our people and their extraordinary leaders fought for justice and democracy.

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Now, we want to turn honesty and fraternity into a way of life and government. It is not a rhetorical or propaganda issue. These postulates are based on the conviction that the Mexican crisis originated, not only because of the failure of the neoliberal economic model applied over the last 36 years, but also because of the predominance in this period of the most unclean public and private corruption.

In other words, as we have repeated for many years, nothing has harmed Mexico more than the dishonesty of the rulers and the small minority that has profited from influence.

I will govern with total dedication to the public cause. I will dedicate all my time, my imagination, my effort to collect the wishes and to fulfill the demands of the people. I will act without hatred. I will do no harm to anyone. I will respect liberties. I will always bet on reconciliation and I will seek that together and through the path of concord, we achieve the Fourth Transformation of public life in Mexico.

I will work 16 hours a day to make work of the transformation six years in advance. I will do everything I can to block the regressions in which the conservatives and the corrupt will be engaged.

That is why we will apply the political and social changes quickly, very quickly, so that if in the future our adversaries, who are not our enemies, defeat us, it will be hard for them to backtrack on what we will already have achieved.

As the liberals of the 19th century, the Mexican liberals would say, it is not easy to retrograde.

But I also make it clear that under no circumstances will I have to re-elect myself. On the contrary. I will submit to the revocation of the mandate because I wish that the people always have the reins of power in their hands. In two and a half years there will be a consultation and the citizens will be asked if they want the President of the Republic to remain in office or because the people put in and the people take away, and is the only sovereign to whom I owe submission and obedience.

I accept the challenge and I invite you to participate to celebrate together the splendor and future greatness of our beloved Mexico. I pledge my honor and my word. I will govern with total dedication to the public cause,” he added.

Thanks with all my heart. Hurray Mexico. Viva Mexico. Viva Mexico.