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An app to make expat life in Mexico simple

Last updated on January 14, 2018

Two young Mexican entrepreneurs have developed an app to make life easier for expats and foreigners in Mexico.

The app, which is called SimplePay, provides several key services for users. First, it allows people to pay their utility bills online. Bills such as TelMex, CFE, water and gas can be paid for using the app.

Since the application will also partner with government agencies and HOA administrations, it allows foreigners and expats to pay fees and fideicomisos in the same place anywhere they happen to be.

Oscar Herrera, CEO of SimplePay, explained, “Living for so many years involved in the American community in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and now Tijuana) has opened my eyes to all the inefficiencies that Mexico has yet to offer. That is why we developed SimplePay, an app for Americans in Mexico who are used to efficient processes that exist in the US.”

Other advantages of the app will include the ability to make service purchases online such as insurance and real estate titles. The app will also offer an on-demand assist. Through SimplePay’s app, users can request a call-back from a bilingual assistant to help them in any circumstance.

“It is very common for my English-speaking (rusty-Spanish) neighbors to ask me for help translating to lawyers, doctors, cleaning lady, and more… So I said, let’s also develop a simple way for someone to request a call-back and a bilingual assistant will translate anything you need on-demand,” explained Herrera.

SimplePay was developed by Alejandro Vargas (25), a programmer who has worked on General Electric projects and Oscar Herrera (27), a serial entrepreneur. SimplePay is anticipated to be available between September and October of 2015. The SimplePay app works with Android, iPhone and the web.


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