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AMLO receives his first covid vaccine dose

Mexico City, Mexico — On Tuesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador received the COVID-19 vaccine during his morning press conference. Prior to receiving the vaccine, he said he wanted to appeal to older adults to also get vaccinated.

“I am going to get vaccinated because I want to make a call, an appeal, to all older adults for any concern they may have. Tell them that we are sure that there is no risk, no danger, that there are no serious reactions,” he said.

Nurse Lieutenant Medina Vega applied the AstraZeneca vaccine to López Obrador.

“A call to the elderly so that we all get vaccinated. There is no risk to begin with, the vaccine does not hurt. Absolutely nothing happens…they can take advantage of the vaccine to protect us all,” he added after receiving his first dose of AstraZeneca.