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Amikoo amusement park presented in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The new Amikoo amusement park project was presented in Playa del Carmen after its official announcement was made by President Enrique Peña Nieto in September.

In a speech at the presentation, Mayor of Solidaridad Cristina Torres said, “We tell investors that the municipality of Solidaridad has open doors for projects that seek to promote culture, tourist attraction and healthy family life.

“This is what drives the Municipal Government, initiatives that strengthen our identity and attract family tourism,” she added.

Businessmen that make up Grupo Gala and Grupo IUSA are the ones investing more than $840 million USD in the project that will create over 9,000 direct jobs and more than 30 ,000 indirect jobs during its construction.

“This new park will allow us to diversify the products offered by the municipality, but it also sends a message of certainty for investors, that fate is still preferred and continues to grow steadily,” she added.

President of the IUSA group and Gala Resorts & Entertainment, Ángel Isidoro Rodríguez said, “Thanks to the support of the Federal Government, the state and mainly the Municipality of Solidaridad, a group of investors decided to participate in this innovative, avant-garde and world-class initiative.

“Adding the experience of the Gala group and the business enterprise of the IUSA group, we have the privilege of carrying out the presentation of the amusement park Amikoo in this thriving municipality,” he said.

He said that the project stands as an opportunity to show the world “the greatness of our past is our strongest link with the future.”

“Amikoo will be a window to allow people to see the wealth that precedes us and the best of what we are: cultural richness expressed in archaeology, gastronomy and art,” he said.

The project that will include hotels, two theme parks , a museum and shopping center, among other things, for an investment of 840 million USD.

The first phase of the mega project will be ready by November 2018. Amikoo means friend, in Maya.