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American prisoner escapes US jail, heads to Mexico

West Virginia — An American prisoner who escaped from his US jail cell was arrested in Texas after authorities learned he was heading to Mexico.

American authorities have reported that Todd Wayne Boyes was stopped and arrested Sunday as he tried to cross the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas into Mexico.

West Virginia Department of Military Affairs & Public Safety reported that Todd Wayne Boyes, 44, was stopped at 4:00 a.m. as he attempted to cross the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection caught Boyes about 1,500 miles from Charleston’s South Central Regional Jail, where he escaped.

At the time, authorities did not know how Boyes walked out of jail Wednesday. Video surveillance of Boyes shows him dressed in civilian clothing, wearing khaki pants, a dark pullover sweatshirt and white sneakers. However, authorities now know that his mother, Robin Helton, assisted in his escape.

The mother of Todd Boyes, who walked out of South Central Regional Jail, has been charged with helping him escape. Troopers say Robin Helton is facing escape charges after she drove her son Todd Boyes to Beaumont, Texas before he tried to cross into Mexico.

Boyes, who is originally from Ohio, was scheduled for sentencing Friday for a carjacking and chase that led to one officer being injured.

Boyes wasn’t reported missing from his jail cell for two days.