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American mom has Cancun vacation cut short after unexpected birth

Cancun, Q.R. — An American mom had her vacation cut short after the unexpected arrival of her second child.

An American family vacationing in Cancun welcomed their second little girl into the world during an emergency C-section. The woman contracted an infection and required the emergency procedure, which resulted in the birth of 1.5 pound baby Poppy.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the Stewart family left their California home the week before to enjoy a vacation before the birth of their second daughter. However, their vacation was cut short after an unexpected trip to the hospital.

The little girl was born at only 26 weeks. According to the child’s fathers, “She has a hole in her heart. Her lungs are fragile. She can’t breathe on her own.” The little girl was medically evacuated to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami Monday.

The family had to stay in Cancun for nearly a week to arrange for the medical flight since their insurance would not cover it.

While mom, Maggie, remains in Cancun hospital, dad Jeremy escorted new baby Poppi back to the US. Maggie is also accompanied by an aunt and her and 3-year-old daughter Neeri.

The family said baby Poppy was named after her grandmother who passed away a few weeks ago.