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American man leading Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel arrested

Mexico City, Mexico — An American man who has been leading the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel for years has finally been arrested.

Special Forces elements of the Secretariat of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) have arrested the American Los Zetas drug cartel leader, José María Guízar Valencia, also known as Carlos Guízar Valencia, Charly, Chema and Z-43.

José María Guízar Valencia, who is from the state of California, has been on several most wanted lists since 2014. He has been on the most wanted list in the state of Chiapas as well as in the United States, when in 2014, federal officials offered a $5 million USD reward for information leading to his capture.

Guízar Valencia has used the municipality of Huimanguillo, Tabasco as his center of operations for the transshipment of narcotics from South and Central America to the United States. He is also wanted for extortion and kidnapping.

For several years, Guízar Valencia has been the known main ring leader for the importation of cocaine and methamphetamine into the United States, as well as the supervisor of shipments of cocaine from Colombia via Guatemala.

Guízar Valencia was given the name Z-43 after he rose to lead the Los Zetas after it’s previous leader, Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales or Z-40, was arrested.

Officials from the Secretariat of the Mexican Navy say that José María Guízar Valencia has been the cause of the wave of violence that has rocked the Mexican southeast as well as parts of Riviera Maya and at the border between Chiapas and Guatemala.