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American man arrested after destroying public property, assaulting woman

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An American man has been arrested after destroying public property and assaulting a female passenger on a public bus.

The incident occurred along 30th Avenue and 8th Street when an American man, presumed to be under an influence, began his disruptive behavior after breaking the glass on a food stall.

According to the preliminary report of the General Directorate of Public Safety of Solidarity, the man apparently named Marty Prins of Houston, Texas, was responsible for destroying a food vendor.

He has also been accused of displaying violence against pedestrians after boarding a public Tusca bus that had arrived at the stop. The man apparently assaulted a 55-year-old woman who was getting off the bus.

Witness, Edgar Fabián Moreno said, “He was very bad, throwing strikes. One could not walk freely on the street with a family. He is a threat. Imagine that there was a woman with her children and this man hurts them.

“Let the full weight of the law be applied. This should not happen in Playa.”

The aggressor was intervened by the bus driver and other citizens. Punches were apparently exchanged between the man and those trying to subdue him.

“We do not know if he was drugged or drunk. That will be determined by the medical examination that is done, but he has been transferred to a medical unit because he is injured. We do not know how he got hurt,” said Arsenio Parra Cano, deputy director in charge of the Municipal Preventive Police Office.

Medical personnel arrived to tend to the injured woman as well as the man. Due to his level of aggression, the American was strapped to the ambulance stretcher and escorted by two policemen. Once discharged, he will be presented before authorities.