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American fugitive arrested, deported to US for criminal charges

Chihuahua, Mexico — An American fugitive has been arrested and returned to the United States for criminal charges after being detained in Chihuahua.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Agency of Mexico have arrested and deported an American man who was wanted on criminal charges in the state of Texas.

The American fugitive was arrested in Chihuahua and handed over to U.S. authorities Saturday. The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City reported that the arrest was made in compliance with an extradition request by the US government.

They reported that agents of the Federal Ministerial Police, under the General Directorate of International Police Affairs and Interpol, detained the fugitive without the use of violence or involvement of third parties.

Police say that Lorenzo B, who was wanted by the Court of the Judicial District of El Paso, Texas was arrested and handed over to the United States for the crime of continuous sexual abuse to the detriment of minors.