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American FBI arrive to aid in ferry investigation, bombs allegedly found

Cancun, Q.R. — Agents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation have arrived to help Mexican authorities decipher the February 21 explosion involving a ferry belonging to Barcos Caribe.

Since Americans were involved in the accident, members of the FBI are on site in Cozumel to advise Mexican authorities who are investigating the explosion. According to the Ministerial Police, the advisement comes due to a treaty of collaboration between the two countries.

They explain that the presence of the FBI are not to take over the investigation, only to offer support and opinions in helping their Mexican counterparts. The FBI and other foreign authorities do not have the power to conduct investigations in Mexico, they can only give their opinion, not intervene, said the police corporation.

The investigation into the explosion continues to be carried out by local and federal authorities as well as personnel of the Secretariat of the Navy, who will be responsible for the report through experts of the Ports and Harbor Master’s Unit.

On the day of the explosion, Alicia Ricalde Magaña of the Port Authority of Quintana Roo, issued a public statement noting that the explosion of the vessel was due to mechanical failure.

Since then, unofficial reports say that a bomb-device has been found on a different Barcos Caribe ship. The discovery was reportedly made by the Ministry of the Navy, however no official report has been made to verify the finding which has provoked the launching of a warning by the United States for its citizens.

The US Embassy and Consulate in Mexico says that due to a photograph circulating on social networks of the alleged bomb, the US has forbade employees to use any of the Playa del Carmen to Cozumel tourist ferries until further notice.

However, in a communiqué, the state government says, “The Government of the State works to preserve the tranquility of the inhabitants of Quintana Roo, as well as the visitors,” he said.

Barcos Caribe is owned by the Cozumel family of the former governor Roberto Borge Angulo, who is currently in jail waiting trial for numerous crimes including money laundering and embezzlement.