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American cruise ship passenger drowns at Cozumel beach

Cozumel, Q.R. – A cruise passenger died over the weekend after drowning at a Cozumel beach.

On March 18, cruise ship Carnival Trump docked in Cozumel for a day excursion for its passengers. One of the male passengers, 56-year-old John Douglas Herberger, died from drowning at the Sky Reef beach club.

Accompanied by his wife, the pair were visiting the beach on the south side of the island at around 12:20 p.m. when he decided to swim. His wife explained that her husband was suffering from respiratory problems which became an oversight when he entered the sea.

Aid for an unconscious person was called in to local Emergency 066 when an ambulance and officials of Public Safety were dispatched.  Ángel Pool, a tour guide for the beach, said he saw a body floating behind a buoy when he ran into the sea and pulled Mr. Herberger from the water. Paramedics from a private clinic treated the victim but determined he no longer had vital signs.

The deceased was taken to Medical Services where he will be transported back to the United States.

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