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Amazon Rechargeable debit card launches in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — Amazon has announced the launch their rechargeable debit card in Mexico. The rechargable card allows customers to make withdrawls, transfers and purchases outside the country.

The launch of the Amazon debit card is in conjunction with MasterCard and Banorte. The companies say the new debit card is free with an initial deposit of 500 peso and without monthly fees or a minimum balance. Card customers can also make purchases in and outside Mexico, transfer cash through Mobile Banking and make deposits or cash withdrawls in the corresponding networks.

When announcing the new card, Manuel Romo, general director of Payment Methods of Banorte, explained that with the launch of products such as Amazon Rechargeable, the institution takes a new step forward in the generation of digital banking.

Amazon Mexico Product Manager, Fernando Ramírez said that customers who do not have a credit or debit card will find Amazon Rechargeable an easy and practical way to convert their cash into a payment method to access electronic commerce and other services online.

To qualify for the card, customers must be Mexican residents over the age of 18. Once obtained, the Amazon Rechargeable can be recharged at more than 25,000 establishments throughout the country including convenient places such as Oxxo and 7-Eleven.