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Amapola bar shut in Tulum for third time

Tulum, Q.R. — A bar in Tulum has been shut down for the third time in as many months with authorities saying they are operating without a license.

Amapola bar in Tulum has again, been shut down by the Urban Development and Ecology Department due to excessive noise. Gustavo Maldonado Saldaña, director of Urban Development and Ecology, says the bar is also operating without any permits.

Maldonado Saldaña explained that the bar was shut down on October 24 and again on December 26. He says “when we went to perform the inspection, they were operating with the closure seals in place, which tells us that they ignored the penalties that were imposed.”

Photo: Dirección de Desarrollo Urbano y Ecología

While on site, urban development staff were attacked by bar staff. Police were called who arrived and escorted inspectors and officials while they finished placing the closure seals and notices.

“Abuse by the owners of the night establishments will not be tolerated,” he says.

President of the Hotel Association of Tulum, David Ortiz Mena, says the closure of the establishment for the excessive noise was timely to ensure the peace and tranquility for visitors.

He added that the bar operating without a license is a sign of political corruption that for a long time prevailed in the municipality. He says that hoteliers and businessmen must operate, always, in accordance with the law.