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Although reopened, Akumal beach access may be temporary

Akumal, Q.R. — After the reopening of the highly disputed beach access road between the Ecological Center of Akumal and Hotel Akumal Caribe, it is possible that access to the public beach may once again be closed.

A conference organized by the managers of the Akumal Ecological Center Akumal, the Tulum Association of Hotels and representatives of Hotel Akumal Caribe announced they will be taking legal action to force authorities to “do their job” and adhere to the law on access to the beach.

On August 29, the highly disputed beach area was approved for reopening to the general public. However, the conflict of who actually owns that piece of land that joins the Ecological Center and the hotel remains unsettled.

Armando Couto Keever, the legal representative for Laura Bush of Hotel Akumal Caribe, says that they continue to battle ownership rights over that piece of land and that, “We are asking authorities to do their job. Everything depends on how circumstances arise, but obviously it comes down to recovering property because that opened access is part of Akumal Caribe.”

Couto Keevar added that, according to law, in the coming days they will not allow people to access the grounds to go to the beach.

The dispute as to whether that stretch of land is public or private has been an ongoing matter for several years.


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