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Already this year, 8 Cancun taxi drivers fired for driving impaired

Cancun, Q.R. — So far this year, eight Cancun taxi drivers have been discharged for being found driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Four of the intoxicated taxi drivers were discovered by the Secretary of Labor of the Andrés Quintana Roo Trade Union who implemented surveillance checkpoints. They found four of their drivers to be under the influence of alcohol while operating their units.

The other four drivers were reported by customers through the taxi complaint system, with the most recent event occurring a week ago.

The taxi driver who was dismissed last week in Cancun managed to drive his car over the center median and into oncoming traffic on Banampak Avenue. He was caught driving impaired when, due to the impact of hitting the median, a front tire burst causing him to become immobile.

Four of the drivers were dismissed in January, while the other four have been dismissed so far this month.

Any taxi driver driving caught under the influence is immediately discharged from the trade union, the decision is final and drivers cannot appeal.