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Alleged real estate fraud in Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun, Q.R. — A legal dispute from 10 years ago continues with the alleged real estate fraud of Lagoon Lofts in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

A dispute involving César Bedoya Flores and Carlos Hinojosa Muñiz, claims the company is reselling the already once-sold condominium units in the area of Pok-ta-Pok in Cancun.

In 2007, Carlos Hinojosa Muñiz, who was legal representative and president of the Lagoon Lofts Council, sold a condo to Bedoya Flores for $190,000 USD.

After liquidating the total balance of the property in 2009, Hinojosa Muñiz never handed over the deed or possession of the apartment. After several years of legal disputes, Bedoya Flores learned that the building is now owned by Dakarisa Group SA de CV whose main shareholders are the sisters Tania and Karla Hinojosa Rodríguez, the daughters of the legal representative of Lagoon Lofts.

He also learned that the apartment was sold again for $350,000 USD.

Efraín González Martínez, lawyer for César Bedoya Flores, points out that after the filing of a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office for the double sale of his client’s condominium, “the Public Prosecutor’s Office determined not to take criminal action because, according to them, there is no crime to prosecute.”

González Martínez is accusing authorities of not doing their job. He says he’s been told the double sale is not classified as a crime. “There is a gap they argue, which is incorrect since generic fraud fits into the current legislation.”

They have filed an appeal hoping the case will close with favorable results for Bedoya Flores. They have also requested the intervention of state governor Carlos Joaquín González in order to resolve the situation since, they say, it also affects other buyers in the country.