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All flights operating in Mexico face new regulations

In the wake of the Germanwings tragedy, Mexico has made new airline amendments.

New flying regulations now state that there must be at least two pilots in the cockpit at all times. This precaution is meant to ensure the cockpit door can always be accessed.

This was the hard lesson learned from the Germanwings flight where the pilot was locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot who intentionally sent the plane into a spiraling crash that killed all 150 on board.

Mexico is only one of several countries introducing the new regulations.

Civil aviation director, Gilberto López, explained that when a pilot has to leave the cockpit, the captain will now be required to designate a flight attendant to remain inside the cockpit until the pilot returns. During this time, the plane must be set to auto-pilot.

The new regulations also state that flight attendants taking over such a role must be familiar with how the cockpit doors operate, and under no circumstance, are to sit in the pilot’s seat. This regulation is already standard in the US.

“This is a measure to strengthen operational security to guarantee that a person can help the pilot in the cockpit open the door at any time in planes with armored or reinforced cockpits,” said López.

Undersecretary of Transport, Yuriria Mascott Pérez, said the new airline rules are to be in effect this week in every airline operating in Mexico due to the increase in travelers for the vacation period. This time of year, Mexico sees an average increase of about six percent.

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