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Akumal Bay visited by National Geographic for eco-tourism

Akumal, Q.R. — The seaside town of Akumal received a visit from National Geographic who were interested in their environmental techniques and practices.

National Geographic visited the bay along with the Ecological Center of Akumal to learn about the activities carried out by the environmental organization to promote good environmental practices. They wanted to learn about the conservation and promotion of sustainable tourism given the mass problems of tourist destinations.

The Ecological Center of Akumal conducts monitoring of the state of health of the coral reefs and planting of coral colonies as well as monitoring of sea turtles, seagrasses and water quality. They also have a hand in the contribution of technical proposals including the sea turtle decree that is currently in force in Akumal Bay.

National Geographic producer Jean Paul Polo, accompanied by Alexandra Roca, host of the documentary series, made tours of Quintana Roo. After a snorkeling tour of the sea turtles in Akumal Bay, the producers were amazed at the environmental richness and highlighted the importance of carrying out eco-tourism activities following conservation practices.

In Akumal they interviewed the director of the CEA, Héctor Lizárraga Cubedo, who gave an account of the programs that are carried out with the group of outstanding researchers who collaborate in the organization.

They expressed the need for strict control of tourist services to slow the damage, noting the environmental deterioration due to tourism. They were also interested in the the reserve of Sian Ka’An where they participated in sighting tours of crocodiles.

Jean Paul Polo explained that they are making a series of visits to eco-tourist destinations in Mexico where they carry out conservation programs and promote sustainable practices that comply with conservation rules. Before they leave the country, they will also visit Calakmul, Campeche, Baja California and central Mexico.

Once complete, National Geographic will air Perpetual Planet on January 15 (2018) that will promote a culture of conservation and biodiversity around the world. The show is expected to become a television series later in the year. Akumal will be promoted in that series.