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Air France says plans to increase Cancun flights due to passenger demand

Cancun, Q.R. — Air France says that due to an increase in passenger interest, they are working on plans to increase flights into Cancun.

Guilhem Mallet, the general director of Air France in Mexico, said that it is a project they will be working on over the next two years.

“All the plans are on the table. We may add more flights to increase the frequency or add the option of changing aircraft to one with a greater capacity such as the 777-200 for 300, which is what we use only during high season.

“Everything is being analyzed and nothing is decided yet, but things will be defined within the next two years,” he explained.

He added that the reevaluation of the flights is due to an increase in French interest to visit the Cancun, Riviera Maya region. Reports show that from January to July of this year, they have seen an increase of around 10,000 passengers from France to the Cancun International Airport.

The Ministry of the Interior of Mexico reports an increase from 73,577 French passengers for the first six months of 2017 to 83,692 for the same period this year specifically for the Cancun airport.

Mallet says that Europeans enjoy travel, especially to sun and sand destinations as well as archaeological and cultural areas.

“We have positive plans specifically for Cancún,” he says adding, “In Mexico City, we have flight plans to fill the demand there, but for Cancun we want to develop connections, have more flights to have more passengers and offer more travel options in Mexico,” he said.

“Aeromexico is the domestic company in Mexico with the most important market, so we want to take advantage of that to sell our product and push sales, work on the connections.

“For example, to be an integrated product where a passenger who flies from Paris to Cancun can then connect to Monterrey.”