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Air France Cancun flights not affected by strike

Cancun, Q.R. — While nearly 30 percent of Air France flights have been canceled due to a strike, Paris to Cancun flights have not been affected.

Unions representing pilots, cabin crew and ground staff at Air France are now emulating the two-day rolling strikes currently being deployed.

The dispute stems from a six percent pay increase being demanded by the airline employees, however, Air France is only offering a one percent pay increase along with additional benefits.

The dispute has resulted in a series of one-day strikes that has led to the grounding of approximately 30 percent of Air France flights.

There is a chance though, that the 48 hours of industrial action could lead to the cancellation of more flights.

Air France said it is “too early to evaluate the possible impacts on these days”. Previous stoppages caused cancellations of connections from Heathrow, Manchester and Edinburgh to Paris.

Passengers booked on Air France or its Joon subsidiary have been offered to rebook for any date this month with the caveat: “We recommend you to avoid a rebook on another day impacted by the strike.”

According to Air France flight tracker, all Paris to Cancun flights are scheduled to land as planned.

Last year, Air France introduced year-round Paris to Cancun service due to an increase in French passenger traffic.