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Aguakán says that by next year, Isla Mujeres will have 100 percent sanitary drainage

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Head of Aguakán says that by next year, there will be 100 percent coverage in sanitary drainage on the entire island.

Roberto Enrique Robles, Director of Aguakán said that although work is being done on the last stage of the wastewater station on Isla Mujeres, it is expected to be finished for next year.

“I can tell you that what we have built today provides enough capacity to treat all that is occurring on Isla and cover future growth,” he said.

Robles added that the total amount invested in the treatment plant is around 40 million peso, which was done in several stages.

The official said that in the insular zone, there has been 100 percent of treated water for some time, however where it is still pending is in the sanitary drainage network that is being built now.