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Aguakan problems see Playa del Carmen maritime terminal without water

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Tenants in the maritime terminal of Playa del Carmen say they continue to be without water.

More than 20 tenants of the maritime terminal of Playa del Carmen have been without water since last Friday due to problems with Aguakan. The ongoing issues have seen problems remain unresolved with the city’s concessionaire.

The water issues have come in the midst of summer vacation when the terminal sees about 18,000 people per day.

José Luis Gutiérrez Pelayo, general manager of the port, said that they have been a week without water service since the company responsible for providing it had problems supplying it. He says the issues continue despite having payments made on time.

He noted that the failure has already been reported, however there has not been a positive response from the company. For this reason, the terminal has been forced to hire pipes to run on behalf of the maritime terminal.

Tenants of the terminal are demanding that the concessionaire be responsible, because they say had they not paid their water bill on time, Aguakan would not hesitate to cut off their supply, a contrary response they’ve had on the part of the company.