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Aguakan moves foward with pipe replacement work

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Aguakan continues their work to connect a new sewage pipe from Constituyentes to 12th Street in central Playa del Carmen.

The new project is a much-needed upgrade to a deteriorating system that has resulted in overflows and foul smells during heavy rains. The installation of this new system should ensure a dry tourist area with the prevention of overflows during rains as well as the proper collection of wastewater.

The project involves connecting a pipe from the sump beach at 12 Avenue to the treatment plant at Constituyents Ave.

Andres Mendez, deputy project manager of Aguakan, explained, “We are doing additional work to improve the operation by connecting an area from 12th Street to Avenida Constituents. This new collector will help prevent spills.”

“With the work will we have a collector with a capacity of 460 liters per second. The tube here is 16-inches in diameter for collecting water below the sump, but at the treatment plant at Constituyentes, it becomes a 30-inch (…) with that we cover all the area,” he said.

Despite recent heavy rains, Andrés Méndez says that the progress of the work and the set date of completion has not changed for the first phase, including the new extension, which is set for November 2.

He confirmed that the current work being done are upgrades to the infrastructure that has has been exhausted by city growth and has been the cause of overflows, primarily in the tourist areas.

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