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Aguakan announces two desalination plants for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Aguakan has announced its intention to build two desalination plants in Playa del Carmen.

With a reported investment of 85 million peso, the potable water conecssionaire has announced it will build two reverse osmosis (desalination) plants at Playa del Carmen, each with a capacity of 50 liters per second.

The new plants will be located in strategic locations of the city. One will be built at Ejidal and the other at Guadalupana, both using the naturally salty water in the aquifer where they are located.

César Espinosa, Aguakan project planning manager, explained that the work will reinforce the supply of drinking water for the city. He added that with this process , the people will have a soft, high quality water that can be drunk directly from the faucet.

“The osmosis systems that we are building will produce 100 percent potable water and will therefore be an improvement in the water quality of the system in Playa del Carmen,” he said.

The first plant opening, which is estimated for the first week of February, will benefit approximately half of the population of Playa del Carmen located north-west of the city, an area that is experiencing great growth.

“All the Ejidal zone will benefit on its north and south sides. All the developments that are in the Cruz de Servicios area, running through the Arco Vial, like Olivos 1 and 2, until reaching La Guadalupana”.

He also explained that these two plants have the ability to operate even in the event of a disaster, adding that the maximum production will be 130 liters per second, which will allow them to increase their production by 10 percent to give total coverage in Playa del Carmen, taking into account the new housing developments.

He noted that these types of plants only exist in Baja California and Baja California Sur.