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Aguakan agrees to invest millions into improving service

Playa del CArmen, Q.R. — After a meeting and a month to get services in order, the water company Aguakan says that they will invest millions into improving service in the municipality.

The company made the announcement on the heels of a meeting with Solidaridad mayor that warned the company actions were being filed against them for non-compliance, a result which could lead to the company’s concession being revoked.

Aguakan has agreed to invest a minimum of 120 million peso to compensate for the poor service they have provided to the municipality since the concession began nearly two years ago. They have also announced a new wastewater treatment project for Playa del Carmen, which will represent an investment of more than 170 million peso.

In a statement, the company added that over the next three years, more than 500 million peso will be invested in new hydraulic infrastructure and that a review of excessive charges, which have been a main complaint, will also be looked at to ensure citizens pay a fair rate.

It has been noted that bringing the company to court to terminate the concession would likely take years with the possibility of the state having to provide the one-billion peso payout to the company for termination.

However, mayor Cristina Torres says, “We will continue with the legal path that we have undertaken since the beginning of the administration. The actions committed by Aguakan must be met and channeled to improve the service provided to the citizens as well as to avoid a collapse in the drinking water service, which would have a direct impact on citizenship and tourism.”