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Aging Mexican population to peak in near future

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reports that approximately 22 percent of the Mexican population will be aged 60 and over by 2050. UNAM says that based on current indicators, nearly nine million people will be considered elderly and that only 2.4 million will have income from a labor position.

Currently, the life expectancy averages 75 years and by 2030, is expected to increase to 77 years. According to Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI) or National Institute of Statistics and Geography, the life expectancy of the local people has changed a lot since 1970, when Mexicans lived an average of 61 years. Even in the year 2000, the life expectancy was less than it is now, at only 73 years.

With an aging population living longer, concerns are rising as only 25 percent of the country’s elderly receives a contributory pension while the remaining 75 percent have no form of pension, despite having worked all their lives.

Given the current situation, scholars are stressing the importance of raising public awareness of the special care and costs elderly family members will require for a quality life.

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