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After four months, Cancun police locate criminal safe house

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun have located a colony that they say is where a large majority of recent crime has originated.

After nearly four months of investigations, Cancun police have located an irregular colony, Colonia Tres Reyes, which they say has been in operation for just over eight months.

Police report that they colony has been used as a safe house for criminals responsible for the kidnapping and execution of the bodies located along the highway between GasAuto, Tres Reyes, Avante and Las Pencas.

On May 5, elements from the Joint Immediate Response Force made up of police and military, stormed the area, but were met with gunfire from property guards who then fled.

The Attorney General’s Office reported that, in an operation between agents of the Ministerial Police and the Military Garrison, they found a rural area with a safe house that also served as a training field or “guerrilla track” used for the physical conditioning of military, guerrillas and elite forces.

They also located several vehicles on the property of which at least two have been reported as being involved in shootings within the city of Cancun.