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African elephant born in Mexican wildlife park

Puebla, Mexico – An African baby elephant was born in a Mexican wildlife conservation park, making him the first in the country.

The elephant, who was born at Africam Safari, a wildlife conservation park in Puebla, was born in May and is currently 80 cms tall and 110 kilograms.

Frank Carlos Camacho, CEO of Africam Safari says, “The birth of this calf is a source of joy and pride for all of us who are part of Africam Safari. It is the reflection of the effort that the team has put forth to protect and preserve this majestic species. Now we glimpse a ray of hope in saving the African elephants from extinction.”


Five years ago, the park rescued nine African elephants from Namibia (Africa), giving them a new home and top-notch veterinary care, which Carlos Camacho says, led to their reproduction.

“The efforts we’ve made to give the elephants the best care and to encourage reproduction have been titanic, but a titanic species that’s about to disappear deserves titanic efforts,” he said, adding, “some 33,000 elephants are hunted and killed every year by poachers. Since the turn of the 20th century, less than 8 percent of African elephants living in the wild have survived.”

The birth of the male calf is very important to Carlos and his team since the African elephant  is one of the most threatened in the world. “This young male will be part of a worldwide recovery program through which elephants born in the park will be seen – in the future – back in Africa, in protected sites,” he said.

The Africam Safari wildlife conservation park is home to more than 5,000 animals and includes nearly 450 species from every Continent. The park has been in operation since April of 1972 and is the largest elephant habitat in Latin America.