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Aeromexico pilot strike internal dispute that affected thousands

Mexico City, Mexico — An internal dispute with Aeromexico staff resulted in thousands of travelers being affected and some flights delayed after pilots refused to fly.

More than ten thousand passengers from the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) were affected by the delay and cancellation of 81 domestic and international flights due to a strike by the Trade Union Association of Aviators of Mexico (ASPA).

On Tuesday in Terminal 2 of the AICM, Aeromexico pilots stopped flying and protested the “unjustified” dismissal of a colleague. However, the strike triggered a major protest over a series of Aeromexico labor violations reported by members of ASPA, including working overtime and forcing them to sometimes fly sometimes with illnesses.

“A month ago they ran another medical service partner because he was giving outgoing passes to workers who showed up with some illnesses, all this affects the safety of the flights,” said Francisco Corona Carrasco, ASPA’s secretary of labor.

The true root of the strike came after an Aeromexico pilot was fired after being sanctioned. Other pilots said the issue was from several years before and that the pilot did not have a bad record, as the airline claimed.

ASPA opened the dialogue with the Aeroméxico company to analyze whether or not there was an error in the rescission process of the pilot who was fired.

The pilot has not yet been reinstated, but what the Association wants is that this dismissal be thoroughly analyzed and that all aspects be taken into accounts.

Aeromexico noted that the flights damaged from the AICM occurred during the course of the day was because a group of Aeromexico connect pilots, headed by Captain José Manuel Fernández, did not show up for corresponding work days.

He said that the previous was in protest at the dismissal of a pilot who was removed from the airline after a long history of misconduct, following the procedures set forth in the collective agreement between the company and the ASPA.

The strike, which lasted approximately six hours, caused travelers to miss connecting flights. One early morning flight from Mexico City to Cancun was also affected by the strike, however, all flights have since been restored normally.

ASPA regretted the effects that these mobilizations have caused and “will seek ways to reduce them.”