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Riviera Maya News is all about fixed price advertorial advertising. Not interested in programmatic pay-per-click adverts? Neither are we! One ad for one competitive price. Reach your English-speaking target market by advertising with us.

Riviera Maya News is keeping advertising simple with one competitive price. This makes advertising with us ideal, eliminating the signup hassle found with other online advertising choices. With Riviera Maya News, you will never risk high reoccurring billing processes because there is only one payment one time — only when you choose to place an ad.

Send us your quality ready-to-go *advertorial with up to three photos (each 150 kb max) preferably in an easy-to-use .jpeg or .png format with a link to your ad’s destination.

To advertise with Riviera Maya News, send your ad information along with your name, preferred email address and ad destination link to:

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A high average Click Through Rate (CTR) of 8.8%

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Organic Traffic 85%

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*Riviera Maya News has a right to reject ads deemed unsuitable for our reading audience. If at any time during ad placement on our site the agreed upon destination link is altered (via an ad redirect or similar), Riviera Maya News will immediately delete your ad. A refund will not be provided. You will not be invited back to place ads on the site.

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Riviera Maya News is honored to have such generous readers. As of late, we have inquiries as to how readers can financially contribute in place of their using web tools such as adblocks, tools that have resulted in considerable cuts into our only form of revenue, online advertising.

Readers with a generous heart can contribute (via a donation) using PayPal to to help us continue delivering daily news to your for free.

Please note that your support of Riviera Maya News does not constitute a charitable donation, as such, your contribution is not eligible for deduction as any form of tax-deduction.

Your generous contributions support Riviera Maya News’ journalism.