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ADO bus leaving Cancun for Veracruz crashes killing one

Cancun, Q.R. — An ADO passenger bus that left Cancun bound for Veracruz has crashed, leaving one dead.

The bus accident was recorded at 5:35 a.m. along the Bacalar highway between an ADO bus and a company vehicle.

Photo: PGR

According to the police reports, the Quintana Roo-plated truck was parked along the highway due to mechanical failure. The ADO bus, which was traveling with 40 passengers from Cancun, happened upon the parked vehicle but did not realize it was immobile.

The ADO bus driver hit the truck, tearing away a large section of the front right of the bus. The result of the impact killed one ADO passenger.

Police say both the driver of the transport truck and the driver of the ADO bus ran from the scene.

The accident caused a massive suspension in traffic for hours forming long queues in both directions of the highway while police and ambulances arrived to tend to the crash and its victims.