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Additional collection routes being added in New Year

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Four much-needed new garbage routes are being added to the existing routes of Playa del Carmen.

To meet public demand, the city will be adding four new daily garbage collection routes along the west of the city. The new routes will become part of the regular daily pick up beginning early next year.

The addition of the new routes will see their current itineraries change from 49 to 53 routes. Two garbage collection extensions will be added to Villas del Sol and two additional routes in other newly developed subdivisions. The exact details of the latter two routes have yet to be determined.

According to Adrian Lagos Manzanilla, director of Maintenance and Cleaning Urbana, the addition of these new routes had been discussed for some time but do constant city growth, where the most effective routes should be added is still being decided.

Over the summer holiday season, the department collected between 500 and 700 tons of garbage per day.

“The hotels there were the places where collection was the highest. Smaller amounts were contributed by domestic tourism, that is people who arrived here to visit their families for the summer,” he said.

Although city garbage is collected all 7-days of the week in main tourist spots, it is only collected Monday thru Saturday in all other areas of Playa del Carmen.

Lagos Manzanilla says, “We urge the general population to not take out garbage on Sunday’s because garbage trucks do not collect on that day. When bags are left on the street, they are invaded by wildlife. Instead, it is better to meet the truck on Monday.”

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