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Acapulco one of hardest hit areas by Tropical Storm Narda

Acapulco, Guerrero — Due to the impact of Tropical Storm Narda, the federal government has issued an emergency declaration for 23 municipalities in the state of Guerrero and a disaster declaration for 40 that were affected by severe flooding.

The emergency declaration announcement came from Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores after the passage of Tropical Storm Narda that began to hit the area September 30.

The Ministry of Civil Protection for the state announced that there were 23 municipalities that “suffered because of the heavy rains left by the passage of Tropical Storm Narda off the coast of Guerrero.”

Through a bulletin, the governor stressed that now, with the passing of the storm, they will begin the reconstruction stage of damaged homes homes and road sections.

The emergency declarations were given for the municipalities of Chilapa, Eduardo Neri, José Joaquín de Herrera, Acapulco, Atoyac, Benito Juárez, Coahuayutla, Cuajinicuilapa, Florencio Villarreal, La Unión, Petatlán, Tecpan and Zihuatanejo. Also Acatepec, Chilpancingo, Cuautepec, Igualapa, Leonardo Bravo, Malinaltepec, Tixtla, Tlacoapa, Coyuca de Benítez and Metlatónoc.

The Secretary of Civil Protection, Marco César Mayares Salvador, said that resources from the Emergency Assistance Fund will be released to meet the needs of the affected population in the areas of food, shelter and health.