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Acapulco officials continue to monitor beaches due to mar de fondo

Acapulco, Guerrero — State officials in Guerrero continue monitoring beaches as mar de fondo or sea bottom, continues to pose risks.

Waves in excess of four meters have been recorded along the state’s popular beaches, creating an alert for both beachgoers and fishermen. Civil Protection began monitoring the beaches Monday with the beginning of the swells, which creates sea bottom, caused by passing storms.

For several days, the intense tidal waves have also prevented nearly 550 local fishermen and divers from entering the port of Acapulco. Due to the high waves and strong currents, no one is permitted to enter the water.

Enrique Dominguez Dominguez, head of the Department of Maritime Signaling of the Harbor Master’s Office reported that “There is the sea bottom with waves in a southwest direction with a height of six to eight feet. We had to partially restrict landing on the island of La Roqueta.”

Oscar Fausto Samayoa, head of Pescadores y Buzos in Acapulco said “We have not been able to work due to the sea bottom. We have all our boats stranded on the beach,” adding “We already have a week that 550 families have not been able to fish. I’m asking for temporary employment for the 550 families.”

The harbor captain says that the alert remains in place due to strong waves and reminds the maritime and tourism community to take precautions. Dominguez says “The sea bottom is ongoing, therefore the maritime security officers continue warning the population to take precautionary measures in this regard.”

The alert for the effects of the sea bottom extend from Jalisco to Chiapas due to the large waves and strong current generated by the phenomenon. Mar de fondo or sea bottom is the movement of waves that spreads outside the area where it has been generated, reaching far away places. Around Mexico, mar de fondo tends to occur as heavy storms pass regions.