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Acapulco bar shooting leaves one dead, six injured

Acapulco, Guerrero — One person had died and six more injured after an altercation at an Acapulco nightclub turned deadly.

The bar incident happened at the city’s Baby Lobster bar, which according to authorities, began with a fight. The altercation inside the nightclub in the middle of the tourist strip of Acapulco left a Chilean tourist dead and six others injured, including a 17-year-old minor and another Chilean tourist.

The official report says that the incident occurred at 4:10 a.m. inside the Baby Lobster bar, which is located in the tourist area of La Condesa, an area filled with nightclubs and restaurants.

Guerrero Security spokesman Roberto Álvarez Heredia said the report that was given by witnesses says that there was a fight inside the bar when one person took out a gun and fired.

Álvarez Heredia said, “Inside the bar there was a fight between several people for no apparent reason, which caused a person to shoot with a weapon against people.”

“The Secretary of Tourism of the State went to help injured people, relatives of the victims and gave notice to the Chilean Embassy in Mexico of the death of a citizen of Chilean origin,” he explained.

State authorities gave a press conference where the Secretary of Health of Guerrero, Carlos de la Pena Pintos, said that one of the two Chilean tourists shot was taken to the Naval Hospital of Acapulco, and that he arrived with serious injuries, without vital signs and could not be revived.

“He arrived at the hospital without vital signs, probably with an important intra-abdominal hemorrhage,” he said.

The state official said that the second injured Chilean tourist was taken to the Donato G. Alarcón Hospital with two bullet wounds, one of which was to the chest, and that he was in serious condition.