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Abused and abandoned animals saved by Mexican Navy

Environmental authorities in Mexico have relocated animals that have been found mistreated or abandoned.

Two Mexican Navy transport aircraft were used during the second installment of the animal airlift that saw eight lions, two lynxes, one puma and a coyote relocated to a wildlife sanctuary in Colorado.

Biologist Ignacio Millan said it was the first time Mexico’s Navy had participated in the animal relocation effort. He said the lions, lynxes and puma had been taken from private homes, zoos or circuses where they were often mistreated.

The coyote was used in witchcraft ceremonies while some of the other animals were abandoned due to the newly passed laws banning circuses from using animals in performances.

Millan said that there are still nine tigers to be transferred to the sanctuary where the animals will be able to roam free.

In all, about two dozen animals were taken to the 720-acre wildlife sanctuary in Keensesburg, Colorado on Wednesday. Due to the new law against circus animals, Mexican authorities are expecting the number of abandoned animals to increase.

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